Friday, 9 January 2009

Snowed In - Day 4

We haven't been able to leave the house for 4 days now, well only by foot. It was fun to start off with, long walks in the vines with the dogs, dropping in on un-suspecting neighbours for chats, walking for 2 hours to Le Puy Notre Dame for simple provisions.
So it was great to be able to get out to the AMAP Organic market last night courtesy of David and Bella of Plantagenet Plantes who gave us a lift there to pick up our goods. It's not a regular market though. You order all your produce under a contract for 3 months in advance, you take all your own containers and re-fill them yourselves with the most amazingly fresh milk, yoghurt, and creme fraiche. Bread, eggs, goats cheese, vegetables, beer, honey and chickens are available and all locally produced and organic. No waste, no packaging, you recycle all your own containers and to top it all friendly cheerful producers who are proud of what they produce and happy to stand in the cold snow to deliver your goods. Brilliant!

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