Monday, 22 September 2014

Scenes from the Loire Harvest 2014

Harvesting is underway today for the Cremant de Loire (Sparkling Wine) and the Saumur Brut. We are starting to see hand picking and machine harvesting in the vines around Saumur-Puy Notre Dame. Hand picking is obligatory for the Cremant de Loire where as machines can be used to harvest the grapes for the Saumur Petillant / Sparkling Wines.

Monday 22nd September 2014 and the grapes being picked today include Chardonnay and some Cabernet Franc for the sparkling.

Here are a few shots from the early harvest activity today.

 Chardonnay hand picked into buckets and then transfered to crates for Ackerman

 Chardonnay machine picked for Domaine Aupy - Puy Notre Dame

 Crates ready for picking at Domaine de L'Echantoir - Pierre says he'll start picking on Wednesday

 Happy crew hand picking grapes for the Cremant de Loire for Bouvet Laduaby

 Chardonnay for the Cremant de Loire of Bouvet Ladubay

 One of the growers for Bouvet Ladubay outside Le Puy Notre Dame

 Equipment being prepared at Domaine des Guyons in Le Puy

 Equipment being prepared at Domaine des Hauts Baurds in - Puy Notre Dame 

 The Ackerman installation just outside Le Puy Notre Dame 

 Machine harvesting at Domaine Aupy

Chardonnay in the shade waiting to be taken for pressing at the Ackerman installation