Sunday, 4 January 2009

Brrrrh it's Freezing!

It was -4 oC this morning and for all of you who are more used to seeing the vines in full growth then this is the frostier picture.
There is no stopping the dogs though and they still need their twice/thrice daily walk over the hill and down the track to the vineyards around Le Puy Notre Dame. Luckily they don't seem to mind the cold as much as we do.
This is a bit of a giveaway though. I think they really prefer it in front of the fire on a day like this and who can blame them?
HRH ands Wills 2009


Jim's Loire said...

Interesting indication how it gets milder (all things are relative!) further west in the Loire Valley. Here in Epeigné in the Cher Valley it was minus 7 overnight and still minus 5.5 just after 10 am.

Micaela and Sue said...

Happy New Year to you Jim!

It's now 4pm and +4 oC so things are hotting up!

Jim's Loire said...

Happy New Year Micaela and Sue – sorry should have said this before. Temps here never above freezzzzing I think today.Now well below I fancy.