Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Surprise Painting from M. Goussin.

Drove down to the riverside village of Treves today to check all was okay at La Petite Maison. The River Loire has been in flood so we were anxious that the house had not been inundated whilst we had been away in Bordeaux. All was well but whilst we were there we bumped into our neighbour Jacky Goussin who told us he was in the process of painting a poster for next years “fete” in Cunault and would we like to see it? Jacky is an "aquarelliste" of some local repute, his posters being seen all over Saumur advertising the Motor Museum, so of course we jumped at the chance to see inside his “atelier”.

We have long been an admirers of Jacky’s paintings of the Loire and the Tour de Treves but imagine our surprise when he presented us with this little watercolour of Loire Barques. It is just beautiful and once framed will be hung in La Petite Maison for all our visitors to see.
Jacky’s artist studio is just next door to La Petite Maison so if you are staying in Treves just knock on his door as I am sure he will be more than happy to show you round his gallery. In the meantime we’ll keep a look out for next years poster of Cunault. Thank you Jacky we adore it!

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