Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bouvet Ladubay Ar(T) Cheval 2008

At the Contemporary Art Gallery of Bouvet Ladubay (Saumur Sparkling Wine Producers) this week until the 9th Nov you will find a fantastic exhibition of art work related to the equestrian tradition of Saumur and the "Cadre Noir" the National Military Riding School of France. On arrival don't forget to take a look at the hand crafted bridles and the handmade horse shoes. The craftmanship is just so magnificent and the artisans are so proud of their trade.
In a similar horsey mode. The French Dressage Masters was on this weekend at the Ecole and we took some time out to watch some of the events at the immense indoor stadium at the school. A little more low key than the usual "spectacles" that they show here but pretty mesmorising none the less.

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