Friday, 12 January 2007

No Time to Hibernate

We are often asked what do you do all winter? Well apart from building 21 foot scaffolding and sticking my head through the odd roof we have a well earned rest, go on holiday and visit friends and family in the UK. There is never a dull moment.....

This year following on from the re-roofing of The Gate House we have the guttering project in action. As always loyally assisted by Humble and Willow. 8 metres of zinc guttering and it is fiddlier than it looks - just choosing the right parts at the diy store is a challenge. Well this one is up with another 10 metres to be added to The Vine Room next.

Still with a spritely dog walk at the end of the day and an incredible sunset over the vineyard (it's 6pm in January) life is good....

....and Willow seems to think so too.!

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