Thursday, 4 January 2007

A Little Light Pruning

For those of you who might be interested in the intricacies of viticulture then here are a few photos showing the vines in their pruned state. Here last year's growth has been cut from the vine. The pruners are highly skilled and know exactly what to cut and they can work very quickly using pruners that operate with compressed air - less wrist ache apparently!

After the last year's canes have been pulled out the vines now looked as if they are stripped bare. One cane and one spur is left. The cane that is left will be used to tie down on the fruiting wire and it is here that the buds with appear to produce this years harvest.

The old canes are not wasted they are put in between the rows ready for mulching. For us they also make very good firewood and are great on the BBQ for kindling.

The tractor has been along and mulched all the old canes. All they need to do now is the tying down and after tightening up the wires sit back and wait for bud burst! If only it was all that easy.

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