Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Les Machines de L'Ile Nantes

If you fancy a ride on a giant mechanical elephant during your stay at La Grande Maison then head to Les Machines de L'Ile in Nantes. Le Grand Elephant standing 12 metres high and weighing 50 tons takes you on a 40 minute ride along the quayside of the Loire River. It trumpets, sprays water from it's trunk and is an amazing technological feat of engineering.

In fact the whole gallery is worth a visit. Sue couldn't resist volunteering to ride the giant retro propulsion calamar but then she is a big kid at heart!


Porter Family/Au Bellefleur said...

That elephant looks so familiar. When we used to live in London, we saw the elephant too as well as the giant girl!

Franca Porter (twitter)

Porter Family/Au Bellefleur said...


Couldn't resist that one! So here are our pictures...