Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good News for Diners and Internautes in France

Good news for both diners and wine writers on the internet in France this week.

First of all comes the news that TVA (or VAT) will be reduced in restaurants from 19.6% to 5.5% making it more affordable to dine out especially for our guests already suffering with a failing pound against the euro. This means that for example a dinner for two at 100 euros which would normally include about 20 euros in tax would now be a 5 euros tax making a 15 euro saving. Not bad ehh :)
Dining Out At the Tresor Belge

Our second piece of good news this week is that prior to recent scares that the French Government was about to ban advertising and writing about wine (and alcohol) on the internet that they have now taken a back step and it is legal again! Allegedly.....this is good news for all the wine writers, tourist sites and wine promoters who momentarily thought that their wine sites were about to become illegal in France.


Jim's Loire said...

The VAT/TVA agreement should also mean that repairs and work on La Grande Maison will continue to be levied at 5.5% and not 19.6%. More good news.

Micaela and Sue said...

It is not expected that the decision on TVA (VAT) reduction in restaurants in France will be made now until the end of April 2009 and it is not 100% clear that it will even be reduced to 5.5% yet. So we will have to wait and watch this space.